How to get here

Opening hours: 10:00~16:00

Closed days: 
Monday to Wednesday, Year-end, and New Year holidays

Entrance Fee:   Free


15 Kozaki Nagano, Miyazaki, Kameoka, Kyoto, JAPAN

Nearest station JR Chiyokawa station


・Take the Keihan Kyoto Kotsu Bus from JR Chiyokawa Station
(F41 or F43 bound for Hirono for about 7 minutes and get off at Kameoka City Exchange Hall)

Chiyokawa→Kameoka City Exchange Hall : Museum 


12:39→12:46(No services on Saturday/Sunday)



Kameoka City Exchange Hall : Museum → Chiyokawa

12:12 →12:20



■Rental bycicle 

・COGICOGI Rental bycycle in JR Chiyokawa Station



・4 minutes by car from Kyoto Jukan Expressway Chiyokawa IC 

・30 free parking lots (several large buses)



・Kyoto Taxi(0771-25-1000)