Natural Whetstone and Hone Museum

Kameoka Kyoto is a sacred place for natural whetstones and hones,
blessed by ancient crustal movements.

High-quality whetstones and hones such as "Tamba Aoto" and "Awasedo" have contributed to the development of Japanese culture such as cuisine, architecture, and art and crafts
including Katana (Japanese swords).

You can feel and experience the wonder of Japanese natural whetstones and hones.


About our Museum

Our museum displays Tamba Aoto and Awasedo extracted in Kameoka, as well as precious natural whetstones from all over Japan and the world. You can buy various Japanese natural whetstones and hones in the museum shop.


Our museum has around 200 types of whetstones and hones for your experience. You can learn how to sharpen Japanese knives and make your own natural whetstone or hone. 

Access and Contact

Entrance Fee:   Free

Opening hours: 10:00~16:00

Closed days: 
Monday to Wednesday, Year-end, and New Year holidays
Tel: +81-(0)50-3700-1014