1. Knife sharpening workshop

We will carefully instruct you by assessing the characteristics of your knives.

We recommend you bring your own knife, because each knife requires appropriate sharpening methods. If it's difficult to bring,  you can purchase/lend Japanese knives in our museum shop.

Please enjoy delicious meals with the sharpness of your knives revived!

■Participants: no experience ~ intermidiate (for Japanese knives)

■Fee: 2,000 yen per person(tax included)

     +1000 yen for English translator fee


Time required: around 60~120 minutes

 - First half: 45~60 minutes:
     Learn the structure of knives and how to sharpen through practical training

   -Second half 45~60 minutes:
     Continue to practice on your own (with instructor support)



2. Making your own whetstones

You select natural whetstones from various regions of Japan and prepare the surface for your own use. You can also have them glued to a wooden board if you wish.

■Participants: anyone
■Fee: more than 1500 yen per stone (depends on the size of stone)
500 yen discount if you do this course with knife sharpening workshop


Time required: around 15 minutes
※No reservation is required. Can be created at the same time as knife sharpening workshop / sharpening by yourself.

3. Sharpening by yourself(For experienced users)

Our museum offers a wide range of around 200 different whetstones.

Please try the sharpening comparison with your own knives.

■Participants: experienced (for Japanese knives)

■Fee: 500 yen per person(First time +300 yen)

※For the first time only, additional 300 yen is charged as an explanatory fee for the use of the equipment.

※Repeat customers (knife sharpening workshop or self- sharpening participants) do not need to pay additional fee.

※Purchasers of whetstones will receive a discount on the first-time fee.


Time required: 30~120 minutes  



4. Japanese traditional house stay / Goemon Bath

You can stay in a renovated old Japanese house operated by our museum. Here Guests can enjoy Japanese craftsmanship and Goemon bath.

The Goemon Bath is a traditional bath where water is heated over a wood fire. The water heated in the iron kiln is smooth and warms you to the core. 


Reservation form

Please book the workshop by following form


※Please change the language of the reservation form using the national flag icon.

If there are 4 or more people in one group, please contact us using the contact form.

※There is a risk of injury due to the use of knives and stones. The museum cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may occur.
※Please inform us of any changes or cancellations to your booking by replying to the booking confirmation email.