Our museum showcases Tamba Aoto and Awasedo mined in Kameoka, as well as precious natural whetstones and hone from all over Japan and the world.
Here you can enjoy the experience of sharpening knives with different natural whetstones and choose the right whetstone for your knife. 

Please feel and experience the wonder of natural whetstones and hones at our museum.

FEEL - The site of whetstone and hone

Come and have a look at our monument of a natural whetstone mining site. You can also view our image booth of "Katana (Japanese swords)", traditional Japanese carpentry tools, and kitchen knives for "Washoku" sharpened by natural whetstones.

ENCHANTED - Finest finishing "Awasedo"

Beautiful "Katana (Japanese swords)"  and completed awasedo are on display. Feel the historical enchantment behind every piece.

EXPLORE - Whetstone and hone around the world

You can view natural whetstones from all over Japan and the world. You can explore the secrets of whetstones with microscopes.

EXPERIENCE - Sharpening with natural whetstones

Our museum offers around 200 types of whetstones. You can choose whichever you like for your sharpening experience. You can learn how to sharpen Japanese knives, compare sharpening with different whetstones, and make your own whetstone.

FIND - Whetstone and hone for sale

We sell a variety of Japanese natural whetstones in the museum shop.

After the workshop you will be able to choose the right whetstone for your knife.